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Serving clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sama Al-Ahlia Professional Consulting is accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers with a license number: 5110003884 and accredited by the Jeddah Governorate Municipality, the Ministry of Housing, Ain Al-Aziziyah, the State Authority and the Capital State Secretariat


About Company

It serves clients in the government and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sama Al-Ahlia Professional Consulting Company works according to a well-studied scientific basis for planning and developing cities, building and construction systems, environmental, safety and industrial security consulting with the latest technologies and the best expertise in the field of engineering consultancy, and the company implements all engineering projects by adopting the highest international standards and quality control standards to achieve the best levels of technical and scientific performance where monitoring Quality is essential in the implementation and management of projects, and the company relies in providing its engineering services on the methodology of scientific and technical specialization and long experience, which made it a technical and technical qualification in the field of consulting, design, development, management, project supervision, research work and studies concerned with industrial security, infrastructure development for industrial cities, and preparation of standards and specifications. For various works of environmental studies, the company also includes a scientific work team specialized in the field of structural engineering, architecture, surveying and geographic information systems.


Our Services

  1. Project management supervisory services.
  2. Surveying racks for all sites with modern equipment and professional surveyors.
  3. Quantities calculation works, requirements and specifications of materials.
    We provide the service of providing technical tender documents for
    projects and provide the service
  4. All design plans in various disciplines, including architectural, structural
    , sanitary, electrical, air-conditioning, landscaping, and urban and urban planning
    for exhibitions.
  5. Provide 3D binoculars
  6. Providing all production services in Photoshop
  7. Prepare all detailed drawings
  8. The service of amending the existing designs and engineering plans.
  9. Apply on the Ahkam platform
  10. Submission to Ain Al-Azizia.
  11. Sorting residential units for real estate developers
  12. Update, merge and split instruments
  13. Correcting violations of buildings of all kinds
  14. Designing all types of interior designs for buildings of all commercial
    and administrative types.
  15. Real estate registration
  16. A qualified and certified office to verify the implementation of the
    health, technical and safety requirements that are required in collective housing
    for individuals and workers

Our Vision

To be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a reference in providing professional engineering consultations and conducting studies according to internationally recognized standards.

Our Mission

Effective contribution to the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by meeting the needs of our clients from individuals and sectors of innovative designs, reliable engineering and environmental consultations, professional supervision with the best engineering expertise and using the latest engineering and management technologies.


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